To help relieve poverty and disadvantage world-wide


  1. To support local people and youth into employment through training, business start-up and direct employment.
  2. Improve the skills and experience of local people through work placement and volunteer/exchange programmes.
  3. Help and support individual talents and improve personal employability prospects through different community projects.
  4. Increase social integration and inclusion through tailor-made employability programmes for the socially disadvantaged communities.
  5. To encourage and facilitate the initiation of community based projects that are acceptable, affordable and sustainable aimed at improving the welfare of community groups.
  6. To do all such things which are or may be deemed incidental or auxiliary to the attainment and exercise of any of the objects or powers of the project.
  7. To constitute and support different self-help groups to establish themselves and be able to run efficiently for the benefit of its members.
  8. Fundraise and run different income generating activities as deemed fit to support our projects.
  9. The society is non-political.



  1. Membership is open to any Person of the age of eighteen years and above and or any organization with ties to DCP shall be eligible for membership of the society and shall, subject to the approval of the committee, become a member on payment of an entrance fee to be deliberated by the committee.
  2. Every member shall pay a monthly subscription to be deliberated by the committee not later than the 5th day of each month.



Free advice on startups and business mentorship

Attend forums and get to learn more about Diaspora and opportunities which can help them to be very useful to the society.

  1. Interact with different people who share about their organizations which positively impact the members.
  2. Opportunities to take part in exchange programmes
  3. Access to government business loans
  4. Access to business meeting rooms
  5. Support with business marketing through DCP – UK website