Work in Poland

  • -Would you like to work in Europe and earn a moderate pay with free accommodation and transport ?
  • -Are you healthy and fit to work in unconventional jobs in factories and transport sector ?
  • -Do you have about 10,000 euros worth of investment to facilitate this or someone who can support you?
If the answer to the above 3 questions is yes then an opportunity in Poland is knocking at your door. A two year work permit will allow you to:
  • Earn between 500- 800 euros per month working as a casual labourer.
  • Travel all over Europe ( EU countries) without restrictions.
  • Entitlement to Permanent residency after 5 years.
However if you leave your job after the mandatory first 6 months there is a penalty of 750 euros. which will need to be deposited as surety before work placement.
  • Free accommodation
  • Free transport to and from work
  • 21 days paid holiday per year.
  • Medical cover ( to be confirmed)
  • Local agency office for support in anything that you need help with.
  • ◦ General factory work
  • ◦ Carpenter
  • ◦ Tile fixer
  • ◦ House
  • ◦ Helpers
  • ◦ Carpenters
  • ◦ Plumbers
  • ◦ Meat Factory
  • ◦ Chefs


  • ◦ You complete an application form and submit a copy of your ID and pay 1000 euros deposit.
  • ◦ After 6-8 weeks you receive 2 year work permit from Poland through your agency.
  • ◦ After you receive work permit you book an appointment with Polish embassy to go and apply for work visa using the work permit.
  • ◦ After you receive the visa - you pay the remaining 6000 euros to the agency.
  • ◦ The agency releases the contact details of the prospective employer and start direct communication.
  • ◦ After the rest of the details are released by agency you can then ask details of the nearest airport , accommodation details etc.
  • ◦ You then book air ticket and go and start work within first few days of arrival.


  • ◦ Passport application - if you don’t have one.
  • ◦ Poland Visa application
  • ◦ Return air- ticket
  • ◦ Agency fee 6000 euros (1000 euros as deposit. When you receive visa you pay the rest)
  • ◦ Upkeep for first month 1000 euros
  • ◦ 750 euros for refundable deposit incase you disappear before end of contract. This is to cater for agency penalty fees. You get your refund after end of 2 years contract.
For more details please email: Or whatsapp +447879566553 Or visit