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Sanitary pads project proposal

Menstrual hygiene remains a huge challenge in low income countries and settings. Of great concern is girls’ absenteeism from school during their menstruation and the impact this has on their academic performance and retention in school psychosocial wellness and routine activities.

It is in this regard that Diaspora Community Projects -Kenya (DCP) is working on implementing Makueni Dignity Packs Project, that will work with 10,123 marginalized girls and 6890 boys in Makueni County in Kenya. The five (5) year project will run runs from February 2024 to January 2029. The project seeks to improve the life chances of 10,123 marginalized girls and
6,890 boys, using a holistic approach. The aim is to have these learners stay in school, complete a cycle of education, transition to the next level including alternative pathways and demonstrate learning. Makueni Dignity

Packs Project has put forth a design that would seek to empower the girl and her learning environment, with gender equality at the core, through strategic and focused project interventions aimed at enabling the girls achieve even more. The interventions seek to address all individual, community and school barriers to eliminate any form of education marginalization. One of the project core components is to provide sanitary towels to needy girls to and keep them in school.

Diaspora Community Projects -Kenya (DCP- K) therefore seeks to engage the services of an agency, entity or individual to supply 19,000 pieces of sanitary towels, 6,000 pieces of cotton panties and 3,500 pieces of Cotton Boxer briefs to Makueni Dignity Packs Project beneficiaries. These would be used by the target marginalized girls and boys in schools across Makueni sub Counties.